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Chill button - The Coolest Stress Relief Toy on The Planet - batteries included

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  • Give it a press, smile, laugh, its time to chill with the Coolest Stress Relief Toy on The Planet.
  • So chill...
  • This will look amazing on any desk.
  • When the world leaves you worn out, there’s only one solution: Chill. Your search for the serene begins with the limited edition Chill button.
  • All part of the fun, collecting cool toys, and this one is the chillest.
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  • The Coolest Stress Relief Toy on The Planet.
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Chill Button™, the chilling out companion

  • When you’re ready for pure relaxation, it’s time to “Chill!” Press this gorgeous big button and treat your ears to 22! distinct, high-quality audio cuts of the coolest word in the world: “Chill”
  • Savor the satisfaction and instantly chill with crystal-clear sound and decisively loud dialogue performed by professional voice actors. You’ll instantly command a perfect sense of calm, no matter the location.
  • A uniquely remarkable companion for the office, home, or wherever the need for more mellow arises, this limited edition button is all you need to “Live Long and Be Chill!”
  • Iced out in brilliant, hand-designed graphics, the shimmering silver, soothing blue, and elegant black colorway comes together in vivid harmony, creating a vibe of timeless tranquility.
  • NEW! Limited edition: Due to a significantly shortened production run, the Chill Button is destined to become a collector’s item - get yours today and chill for years to come!

Product Description  

When the world leaves you worn out, there’s only one solution: Chill. Your search for the serene begins with the limited edition Chill button, a beautifully hand-designed desk companion that never fails to put you in the right frame of mind. Whether it’s a lazy afternoon in a sun-soaked hammock, a quiet evening at home watching your favorite flix, or just a way to reset the mellow vibes at work, one press of the Chill button opens the door to true relaxation.

With professional voice actors leading the way and crystal-clear audio filling the room on each press, the Chill button instantly delivers cool respect. Press it to calm the kids down or wash away your worries - the choice is entirely yours. Just remember to Live Long and Be Chill!

Product Reviews

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  1. five cool stars

    Posted by Jill Parker on Sep 2nd 2018

    The chill is the perfect desk toy. The sounds are really fun, just what I hoped it would play. Before I made my purchase I heard it on awesome buttons You Tube channel, I suggest you visit before you buy. It really looks cool too! Highly recommended!

  2. A worthy purchase

    Posted by Sarah M. on Aug 31st 2018

    This button is without a doubt, the coolest button yet. I have it in my office at work, and anyone that happens to press it leaves with a smile. It plays different voices as described, and really looks great. Everyone loves the phrase awesome buttons thought of that’s on the front side, it really adds a nice touch, Star Trek fans? The Chill button is definitely recommended.

  3. 5 stars

    Posted by John Redding on May 6th 2018

    The sounds are "totally chill". A super little toy!

  4. Totally love it!

    Posted by Carol Martin on May 2nd 2018

    Now this is original. Kudos to this cool toy! I am surprised this isn't on amazon?

  5. Chill Time, love it!

    Posted by Sandy on Apr 6th 2018

    the Chill button is definitely recommended if you appreciate neat and cool things, this toy really is chill.