How to Keep your Awesome New Year’s Resolutions!

How to Keep your Awesome New Year’s Resolutions!

How to keep your Awesome New Year’s Resolutions!

New Year’s Resolutions are notorious. Everyone seems to like to make fun of the very idea of Resolutions, but that’s silly. Improving your life shouldn’t be a running gag that everyone treats like a sour joke, repeated every 12 months. Instead, you just need to start a little more incrementally. Instead of declaring, like you’re standing on Pride Rock, holding Simba aloft, just keep it to yourself. You can skip that nightly cupcake without telling a single person, and we’ll bet you…it will make things easier. SO MUCH less pressure! Suddenly you don’t have to worry about the hyenas at work guffawing at your failure, or your friends rolling their eyes at your plans to lose 200 pounds, you can celebrate ALL BY YOURSELF. If you successfully get over your crippling cupcake addiction (we feel your pain), you can celebrate at the end of the month with a (drumroll, please…)…CUPCAKE! Wait…didn’t we just say you were giving up cupcakes? What witchcraft is this? Look, you’re human, not a robot who dumps bad habits. Quitting things is hard and no amount of snobbery is going to change that. Don’t be hard on yourself, take things slowly. One delicious gourmet cupcake a month is better than 30! You just cut down on a month’s worth of cupcakes!

Success is SO Sweet!

Maybe cupcakes aren’t your thing, so how about simply working out a little? That seems difficult. Might as well give up, right? WRONG. If you happen to have one of those fancy video game systems with those sports games where you stand up and play…guess what? That’s exercise! It’s not a triathlon, but hey, you’re not a genetic splicing of Batman and Captain America, so why are you beating yourself up over a little exercise? Go for a walk around the block. It’ll take you, what? 10 minutes? 15? You’re done for the day. It’s THAT easy! Now think about how much it adds up. You play a little video game tennis for 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week, 4 times a month. That stuff adds up! You’re making progress!

Bet you’re starting to feel better!

Also, don’t forget to renew yourself a little! One of the easiest and quickest way of making yourself feel completely different and better is a small change. Change your hairstyle. Buy a new perfume or cologne, one you’ve never smelled before and use it daily. Do you wear all black? Try wearing a bright color! Do you wear bright colors? Try wearing all black! Switch things up! Don’t like your grey hair? Dye it! Want to dress to impress? Why not get measured for a brand new suit? Go get that pair of shoes you’ve been wanting! This life is YOUR party and YOU get to make the decisions. Maybe you’re tired of looking at your boring vehicle you drive back and forth to work? A paint job is just a few hundred dollars and your car will look brand new! Throw out that old pair of shoes and get yourself a brand new pair! Try eating somewhere you’ve never been to before or shop at a store you’ve previously only walked past and ignored. Ever watch Doctor Who? Look at that show! The main character has changed actors, wardrobe and personality over a dozen times! Yet it’s all the same person, the same character. So why can’t you do the same?

Give yourself a fresh new outlook on life!

Get rid of that old baggage that’s been bothering you. If you have something that needs to be thrown out, and you haven’t yet, what’s stopping you? Old furniture, books, clothing, dishes and pans you never use, something that awkwardly reminds you of a failed past relationship, these things are all temporary. Toss em! Throw it out! OR, if it can be given away, do so! You’d be surprised how much your friends and family might enjoy something you no longer want. That boring old pair of jeans that has been stuffing up a drawer or closet might suddenly become your friend’s favorite new thing! An old video game system that’s been sitting on a shelf might become someone’s new hot toy! Even a stack of old magazines can be a treasure trove for the right person. So, find a used book store, secondhand clothing store and thrift store and start giving! You’ll love how it feels!

Did we mention that you should celebrate?

Celebrate! Even the little stuff is worth a celebration! With every pound shed or every mile walked, every cigarette NOT smoked, every glass of wine skipped, every penny more you make this year as opposed to last…these all deserve a celebration. Don’t ever, EVER beat yourself up over any of this. You are special and amazing and Awesome in every way. Go out to dinner with a friend or stay home and cook your favorite meal! High-five everyone over all your accomplishments and don’t be afraid to get a little reminder of your success. There’s nothing wrong with a dollar store trophy to mark your goals being met, or, if you’re really Awesome, pick up an Awesome button, so you can hear it call you “Awesome” with every press!  What better way to celebrate your New Year’s Resolutions now that they’re a success?!

Smile!  You’re Awesome!

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