LOL Moments in Our Favorite Awesome Films! (Part 1)

LOL Moments in Our Favorite Awesome Films! (Part 1)

You’re gonna want to have your LOL! buttons nearby for these. Oh, what the heck, grab your Wow! and Awesome! buttons too as we look at some of the most side-splitting moments in film history.

Raising Arizona – The Diaper Robbery

We’re not even sure what to call the “best part” of this masterful chase scene, written and shot by the Coen Brothers. Perhaps it’s Nick Cage’s insane/mundane reactions whenever things go wrong, or maybe it’s Holly Hunter’s gritty determination comforting the increasingly nervous baby Nathan Jr., or maybe it’s the random pack of neighborhood dogs that get involved, or the acne-faced teenage store clerk with the hand-cannon, or maybe the line “Son, you got a panty on your head.” There is so much going on in this chase scene, coupled with the brilliant and epic yodeling soundtrack, this film stands the test of time like very few others. A friend of ours once described Raising Arizona as a blue collar fairy tale wrapped up in a criminal’s fever dream. Whatever it is, it’s one of the best comedies of all time.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner doesn’t always go as planned, especially with a whole house-full of relatives, but this scene, from the now-classic Christmas Vacation starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo lines up many of our worst fears, and yet some of the funniest moments. Mae Questel, the legendary voice of Betty Boop and Olive Oyl plays Aunt Bethany, Academy Award winner William Hickey plays Uncle Lewis, comedy oddball Randy Quaid plays Cousin Eddie and the whole table is packed with veteran actors and comedians. There were many great scenes in this film for us to choose from, so that tells you how funny this movie truly is!

Meet the Parents – Dinner Scene

Just like our last entry, this features a family dinner gone wrong. The sheer terror of sharing the first dinner with your new family-in-law along with the fact that your new father-in-law is Robert Freaking De Niro makes it even worse for poor Greg Focker, played by excellent Ben Stiller. This scene gave us insight on whether we could milk Robert De Niro, which we’re not sure if we ever wanted to know, but hey, it’s better than what happened to the contents of the urn on the mantle. Rule #1, never lie. This scene demonstrates why.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail – Killer Rabbit

In a movie with rude French Knights who fling farm animals from catapults, an obliviously armless and legless Black Knight, the Knights who say “Nee”, you’d think a scene in which a stuffed animal is flung back and forth from actor to actor wouldn’t be that funny, but you’d be wrong! Tim the Enchanter takes the brave Knights of the Grail Quest to the edge of a terrifying truth: that things are not always as they appear. The brave knights learn their lesson as they’re

dropped one by one by a vicious, murderous, carnivorous bunny rabbit, so deadly and indestructible that they need to employ the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch to repel the vile creature!

The Blues Brothers – Gimme Some Lovin/ Rawhide

We wanted to include this whole movie as the “LOL! Moment” because There. Are. So. Many. This is a good movie to watch when you want to forget your troubles and be shoved head-first into a world so surreal and filled with beautiful, rocking music, you might never want to leave. Jake and Elwood are like demi-gods sent to protect decency and rhythm & blues with cameos by everyone from Frank Oz and Carrie Fisher of Star Wars to John Candy to Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles to Steven Spielberg! This movie held the record for most cars destroyed in a film during a car chase for DECADES. All that being said, perhaps the funniest scene was an improvised gig in a country/western tavern out in the “middle of nowhere” called Bob’s Country Bunker. Just when the Blues Brothers Band think they’re ready to blow the roof off with good music, the crowd turns on them and they’re forced to sing one of the only country songs they know…the theme from the TV show, Rawhide. Seriously, does life get better than watching John Belushi crack a whip with dozens of truckers, country folks and even the owners, cheering and bopping along to Dan Aykroyd singing in a deep bass voice with a thumping rhythm playing behind them? Nah. We didn’t think so.

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