The Money button – Fat stacks of sounds each time you press it!

The Money button – Fat stacks of sounds each time you press it!


How cool is your desk?

  • You’ll hear the word “MONEY” play 16 Fun ways. Great for motivating sales teams during meetings!
  • It’s got Audible Bling! Accessorize your desk with smooth stylin’ Fun sounds from voice actors that nailed it! You’ll be like OH YEA, that’s MONEY!
  • Sharp graphics: Sleek Gold & Bad-Ass Black. If this button was a person, it would have an entourage following it, so surround it with more Awesome buttons!
  • Money buttons enhance button-pressing combo moves! Collect a Wow! button so you can press them both!  How Money is that?? Wow!
  • Start your Awesome buttons® collection today with MONEY!!!
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It’s another cool Original by us, The MONEY! Button!!!! The audio fills up any room with it’s Fun stylin’ sounds! BE the boss. BE the best. BE the hottest thing ever to walk the Earth! BE the living edge and buy a Money button for any lifestyle of the super-SUPER Awesome! The Original Money button’s sleekness comes with multiple voice actors. We even snagged a ex-NFL player to provide extra smooth chuckles for ya. A secret editing technique is used making Awesome buttons sound so cool. Expertly crafted audio perfection plays with every press of your money button. We carefully designed its sleek look to be SOOO Money! In every way, this button’s class will look bad-ass on any desk! It goes great with toy collections, sure, but how about on your dresser next to those gold cufflinks and expensive cologne?! How about next to your mortarboard and graduation tassel! It’s fantastic for a dorm room or an office, especially a corner office, you player! They’ll look and sound cool no matter where you press your buttons… Make it rain…MONEY! Play your day the Awesome buttons way!

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Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 1.7 in



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2 reviews for The Money button – Fat stacks of sounds each time you press it!

  1. 4 out of 5

    My co-workers take turns pressing this, and laugh or just smile every time. I press it to start my day for motivation right after I finish my first cup of coffee!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Our company purchased 20 of these for our sales staff, they add a bit of fun to our monthly meetings during our bonus-up give away. Recommended.

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