The Most Awesome Moments in Star Trek Cinematic History

The Most Awesome Moments in Star Trek Cinematic History

It’s Star Trek’s 50th Birthday this month, so in honor of one of our favorite franchises of all time, here’s our picks for The Most Awesome Moments in Star Trek Cinematic History. Don’t forget to grab ALL your Awesome buttonsLOL buttonsWow buttons and any others that might be fun to press during a movie marathon!

The Hospital Scene

Directed by the Immortal Leonard Nimoy and featuring one of the most brilliant comedic sequences in any science-fiction film, the scene is just one of many in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home that had us rolling in the aisle. This scene has almost everything Awesome about Star Trek The Original Series: Bones, being his typical salty, sarcastic self, Kirk being epic and dismissively in-charge of the situation, Chekov goofing around and a conveniently-timed transport at the last minute to save the day, all it’s missing is Spock, and that’s probably because he’s directing the damn thing behind the camera.

Kirk Fights Himself

Few things can improve on a performance from William Shatner. One of those things is more William Shatner. What else can we say other than we had no idea a fist fight between two Shatners would be a high point of Star Trek history? OH, who are we kidding? Of course it’s amazing. The writers had no choice but to include this in the movie that said a respectful goodbye to the original crew of the Enterprise, before Generations came along and decided to dampen that moment.

Whalers vs. A Bird of Prey

Star Trek IV shows up on our list again for this entry for a scene that not only stuck a thumb in the eye of whalers everywhere, but also made every kid on the planet want their own Bird of Prey. If Quint had one of these in JAWS, the movie would have ended with the shark swimming away in terror.

Data: Resistance is Futile

We HAD to include at least one Next Generation moment in our list, and this easily sits at the top of the pile of Awesomeness that Picard and his crew were constantly building. Prior scenes had convinced audiences that not only would Picard have to save Data, but Data had already done the positronic bop with the Queen of the Borg, but, suddenly, out of nowhere, the plucky Android surprises Picard with a moment so bad-ass, Starfleet had to hand command of the Enterprise over to Data after Picard stepped down (seriously, read comic books, people).

Spock’s Arrival

There was one Spock scene before this one in Star Trek The Motion Picture, but after a quick haircut and a new set of wizard robes, Spock knocked audiences out of their theater seats with how freaking amazing he truly is by walking onto the Enterprise and taking charge like the Vulcan version of God himself. Sure, Shatner and Scotty making googly eyes at the new ship was cool, and the new Star Trek theme was great (so great, it would be used for the next 20+ years as the official music of the franchise), but we weren’t sold on The Motion Picture until Spock boarded the old girl and let everyone know who the true Captain IS. Even McCoy is fan-girling like crazy and we don’t blame him one bit.

Kirk Blows Up The Enterprise

This is the moment that turned the entire Klingon Empire into a bunch of non-Kirk wannabe warriors. Star Trek is jam-packed with Awesome moments, but no moment quite lives up to what Kirk sacrificed in order to show Christopher Lloyd’s Klingon Captain what being a real commander is all about. Kirk only had one true love in his life and that was his ship, the jewel of the galaxy, the Starship Enterprise and to save those he loved and avenge the death of his son, he blew the ship up just to throw a great big galactic middle finger into the faces of Klingons everywhere. Live Long and Prosper, IN HELL!  After this, what choice did Starfleet have other than to yank the Yorktown out from under the butts of its current crew, slap a great big “NCC-1701-A” on the saucer and hand it over to the crew of the first Enterprise on a silver platter of ultimate respect and awe? Yeah, it’s time. Go ahead and press your Awesome button.

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