Play Your Day The Awesome buttons way!

Awesome buttons® are simple Fun and Fantastic stress relief toys, that Play Rib-Tickling Sounds when pressed! They’re a great way to add Play time to any game room, a counter, a cubicle, an office, a dorm room, your room, your friend’s room, or any fun place!

While creating our first product line, we were inspired to focus on the exclusive audio our buttons play, surpassing all other similar products. We believe we have achieved that goal. We pride ourselves in our meticulous casting of voice actors, musicians, models and even professional football stars!

Our team of experienced audio engineers and creative professionals edit and produce our audio using a secret technique to ensure a superior final product. All of our buttons play multiple audio cuts that are crisp, clear, and fill the room with a happy, unique sounds with style. Our buttons are brightly colored with unique hand-crafted graphics and look great on any desk, shelf or surface.

Our promise to our fans. We will continue to provide the very best audio for all future Awesome buttons. New buttons are planned to go into production at any moment so you can expand your collection with every birthday, holiday or happy occasion! All of our products are designed and created with a happy spirit of interactive fun and imagination. Fun is integrated into everything we do in our lives. We excel when we have fun in our life’s work and we triumph when we can help make someone smile at any happy moment of any day.

Positivity, happiness, laughs and smiles are our goals. No person is complete without having fun. Through the hard work of our team of dedicated professionals, we believe our products are not only fun to collect and display, but should be fun every time you play. 🙂